Terms and conditions


Possible to by  in the shop   www.audiniai-pigiau.lt 10,20,.......100m  .

Cannot   for egz.12, 15 ,25 ,32.....

1.Common provisions 

         1.1. This  supply contract - rules (the "Rules") is a legal document both the buyer and seller in identifying common rights and duties of the acquisition of goods and settlement on the conditions of delivery and return procedures, and responsibilities of parties.

        2. Buying selling -agreement  of the sales contract and payment for goods

         2.1. Agreement  between Buyer and Seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the buyer e-shop formed a shopping cart, specified delivery address, method of payment chosen and familiar with the rules, click the button "Order".

         2.2. E- Email is downloaded proforma invoice, which is carried out payment.

         2.3. The goods are shipped via 2-8 days.

         2.4. By paying for the goods, the Purchaser shall indicate the order number and product number.

         3. The seller undertakes

        3.1. Sudaryti all conditions of the Buyer proper use of e-shop services.

        3.2. Deliver  ordered goods to the address of the buyer.

        3.3. The Seller in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the buyer being able to deliver the ordered goods undertakes to return the money paid to him within 14 days.

         4. Delivery of the goods.

        4.1.Goods will be delivered  by  courier at the address specified by the Buyer.

       4.2. Other details in "delivery conditions "

         5. Return of the goods

         5.1. Things returned on the basis of 2001. June 29th. Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 "The return and exchange rules of confirmation.

         5.2.The returned item must be complete. For the packaging of recruiting and responsible buyer. If the product is not fully completed and properly packed, the seller does not accept the return ..

         5.3.Item must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. The packaging should be undamaged, clean.

         5.4.Due to the different forms of expression devices, different computers product color may be different from the visible image. In this case, the product is non-refundable.

        5.5. Return and exchange rules and based on the LR law, the buyer is not satisfied with the product shape, size, color, model or equipment shall not be changed and not be returned to this high quality goods: fabrics, bedding (mattresses, quilts, duvets, decorative pillows, cushions under individual orders for manufactured goods (according to the customer's measurements sewn bedding, curtains, etc ...

        6. Responsibility

        6.1. Buyer are fully responsible for the registration form submitted information. If the buyer fails to provide accurate data on the registration form, Seller is not responsible for the ensuing consequences.

        6.2. Buyer is responsible for the actions carried out by using e-commerce.

        6.3. Seller is not responsible for the websites of other companies provided information, even if the buyer gets to these sites during the user's e-store the links.

        6.4. in case of  damage fact , the guilty party shall compensate the other party incurred losses.


        7.1. The Seller all messages sent the buyer registration form by e-mail.

         7.2. The Seller all messages and questions sent e-store in the "Contacts" to the address or e-mail address.

             8. Finally provisions

        8.1.This rules are subject to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

      8.2. All controversy comes on the implementation of these rules, it is settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the dispute is settled by the Lithuanian law.